Happy Spring

One month has passed since IYCPB opened its doors. Hip Hip Hooray!!

Thank you everyone; teaches, students and guests for your support and patience during this time.

For me, IYCPB is a tribute to the man who gave me my life back. After a motorcycle accident in 2010, I had numerous traditional procedures and many hours of painful physical therapy. These things were necessary as my recuperation progressed ……. But I know what helped me most were the classes I attended at RIMYI in Pune India.

Guruji (BKS Iyengar) would instruct senior teachers to push, pull, move and stretch my leg, or he would push or pull himself.  I always trusted his instincts – he knew where to push, how much to push and when not to push. At times, it was like he was in my body!  To this day I still do my complicated medical class sequence which involves tying and putting weight on my legs, having my front foot on a ¼ round turned out in Ardha Chandrasana etc.

For this gift of healing knowledge I am grateful. For this reason  I opened the Iyengar Center of the Palm Beaches.