I just enrolled in Iyengar yoga Introductory Series taught by very caring Jo Boccassini. I was afraid it would be beyond my physical capability. The first session gave me a whole new really good feeling in my joints and bones, confidence and wanting to learn more.”  💜🕉  C.

Joanne Boccassini has been my yoga teacher for over 3 years, and in that time she has truly show the responsibility and integrity of Mr. Iyengar teachings.  She worked with me during a painful period  with techniques to relieve severe knee pain, and has been there in my recovery back to yoga.  M.P.

Jo is the best yoga teacher l have had. She continually works to improve her skills and teaching methods. And, always finds new things to teach in even the most basic poses.     Karolyn

Jo is the BEST of the BEST with 360 degree view of each student, which is quite amazing. Jo is easy to understand, follow and her marvelous commitment to Iyengar yoga is contagious. Jo is fun, helpful, professional, and creative and an awesome teacher! Jo is a wealth of knowledge and leads by example! Treat yourself to Jo!

Jo is a true  yogini from the inside out and a fabulous example for us to follow in our everyday lives!     Cindy

Jo’s “introduction to the Vayu’s” class for experienced yoga practitioners offers a way to deepen your understanding and application of the profound power of the five values in your yoga practice.   Doing yoga now with this new “enlightenment”, it is amazing.  Days later i am still experiencing my inner serenity. S.S.

Jo is an amazing yoga teacher. Her firm yet kind style has earned her well deserved respect and trust from all her students. Her classes follow the Iyengar teaching and she is always eager to learn from her students and teachers. She has a large network of Iyengar students and teachers to help quench the need to learn.

She has taught me yoga for 5 years and has brought me to levels in my yoga and within myself that I never would have reached.  She will always be my teacher. K.T.